8. Here’s What People Are Saying About The Wellness Blueprint

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Wellness Blueprint


The Wellness Blueprint can make an incredible difference in your life. Here’s one person’s story of the early stages of regaining her health after years of struggle:

[I’ve lost] forty-two pounds in eight months. I had despaired not only of ever losing weight again—I couldn’t even stop gaining—though I tried. And my diet was pretty disciplined. Low fat. High protein. Not too many carbs. Except when I couldn’t stop eating them.

The weight loss now? I’m thrilled. And it’s only a side effect of what I’m doing. It happened without effort, except in the first couple of weeks, learning a new way of eating and of self-care.

If the weight loss is a side effect, what’s my goal? To feel better. Much better. And I do! My energy is so much higher. In the morning I wake up completely, eager for my day. And my day keeps going all day without tiredness.

Joint pain is gone, even my injured knees. I’m lighter on my feet. I go dancing. I practice martial arts. I’m socially active. I’ve been hiking and river rafting.

And the other thing that’s fallen away? That middle-aged leak, the incontinence that kept me from feeling fresh and free. Just gone. Turns out I don’t have to just live with it, or with the possible lethal side effects of drugs.

Other disappearances: That nagging low-grade yeast infection. Dry, brittle hair.

I’m optimistic about missing the Alzheimer’s bullet that I have the genes for, or at a minimum, delaying it by decades. And I’m definite that I’m not going to develop the diabetes that destiny seemed to have me marked for.

[Dr. Teagarden’s other healing art] Emergence Care had already helped my life in amazing ways and to amazing degrees: my daily seizures had eventually—at last!—disappeared, along with my chemical sensitivities. My energy improved significantly. What a difference! I had a life back—a new life. I could make plans and keep them. I could be in public places, with other people in them. People wearing perfume, fabric softener, whatever. I didn’t have to control my environment and its air quality. My attitudes changed along with my life. Everything was eased.

But having that, I found I want more than just the ability to go back to what I had previously done. I want a full, rich, exuberant life. With the energy to love it. Now I’ve got the energy, I’m learning how to live it.

When I met with Dr. Teagarden—Steven—I found out that I’m lucky I even survived my worst years. He explained the physiology of what I had been suffering, the cortisol and other hormones, the stress. To now recover from it—truly no small thing.

People tell me they could never make the dietary and lifestyle changes I’ve made. I think, really? You couldn’t put in a couple of weeks of effort to learn a new way of living so you can feel good all the time? So you don’t become (or stay) crippled by pain, physical or emotional? So you don’t have an early heart attack or stroke? So you don’t have a chronic autoimmune condition like I did that doesn’t kill you any time soon but keeps you in a living death? You can’t put in a couple of weeks to give yourself the best conditions you can create for avoiding or eliminating cancer? Really? I think people can do more than they think.

I know willpower is hard to come by. Believe me. And Dr. Teagarden explained to me why it’s hard, physiologically as well as psychologically. But the diet gives you things to eat that are richly satisfying, including treats, and while you may need to keep the quantities small at the beginning, you can always eat again soon. If this meal doesn’t feel very big, wait just a couple hours. Knowing that made it much easier for me. And by the time I’d adapted, the cravings were gone. I eat all I want to. I just don’t want as much any more. So the effort was quite temporary. And meantime the other lifestyle changes already had me feeling better in several ways, and that made it easier. Besides, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!

The multi-faceted comprehensive solution that Dr. Teagarden has come up with works. And he explains both how to do it and why, in all the detail this inquiring mind could want. The shin bone is connected to a heck of a lot more than the knee bone. It’s affected by every system in the body, and he can explain all the complex interactions and how they interrelate. With nutritional deficiencies, with disease processes, and with each other. That’s what keeps me motivated to do all the parts of the plan. The information keeps me going till the feeling better kicks in and I’m seeing the results.

I’ve never had any other doctor, neither mainstream nor alternative, explain so much about anything. I want to know how I tick, or why I don’t. I’ve had a lot to be explained, and consulted a lot of doctors. Now I understand why I was sick, and how to keep myself healthy.

The information Dr. Teagarden has given me is not what’s in the mainstream media and not what’s in the mags at the health food store. It’s not the conventional scientific wisdom that has proven so disastrously wrong for so many people—but still is touted as the truth. All this information is research-based, sure, but Dr. Teagarden takes that to a whole new level, digging far deeper into the research, the physiology, and the very paradigm that Western medicine operates from, to come up with a very different understanding of how to heal.

And I’ve never known any other doctor to really, thoroughly practice what they preach. Steven does. He cooks and eats this diet, he does this detox, he takes these supplements, he manages his stress with effective methods. He speaks from his own personal experience when sharing how-to support.

I’d love to lose 20 more pounds, and I will. While I don’t yet feel svelte, I do feel sexy-curvy. And those 20 pounds will fall away as easily as the previous 42, in their own time. While I go dancing and living my exuberant life.

Very truly,

In love with life

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