About Steven Teagarden

As a young man, Steven M. Teagarden, D.C. turned to his father for advice regarding what to do with his life professionally.  Following his father’s counsel, he attended college, found a job in the business world and began working his way up the corporate ladder.  Five years into a very stressful occupation, he found his life lacking meaning, purpose and fulfillment, and found himself asking God for inspiration, direction and guidance that would allow him to do something meaningful with his life which would benefit others in the process.

It was only a few weeks into the asking that found him reduced to his knees in severe low back pain; a blessing in disguise which forever changed the direction of his life and led him to a chiropractor’s office and on to Chiropractic College a few years later.

After graduating with honors from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 1995, Dr. Teagarden moved to Prescott, Arizona, and began private practice utilizing low force chiropractic methods. After many years of working with clients, he began to feel and understand how to work with the energy field surrounding the body, and gradually developed Emergence Care, an energy-based healing art.

Emergence Care is not a chiropractic method. It’s based on the understanding that all healing takes place in the mind. The mind is the subtle substance out of which the physical and psychological worlds arise. By working with the levels of mind that exist as energy and give rise to tangible form, powerful, lasting and often unprecedented life changes commonly occur for Emergence Care recipients. In his own words, Dr. Teagarden expresses, “It’s an honor to assist clients in their healing process through the application of Emergence Care. Additionally, teaching others to learn this amazing work is a privilege that I feel blessed to facilitate. I know of no other body of work which facilitates such profound and lasting healing in clients and practitioners alike.”

Development of the Healing Blueprint

Dr. Teagarden had been working with clients for about 20 years when his fiancée, Nicole, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. His search for solutions evolved into the healing blueprint. The blueprint is an exceptionally thorough healing art that’s designed to completely shift the way that we go about life. Genuinely and deeply changing our lives requires that we shift well beyond the physical. It requires that we heal deeply on all levels of our existence—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social.

Dr. Teagarden’s unique background and experience in working with energy, psychology, and spirituality—when coupled with his depth of understanding of physiology, and the processes by which we become sick and how we heal ourselves—has allowed him to develop a highly integrated blueprint for helping people transform their lives in unprecedented ways. 

Steven has two beautiful boys, Zach and Jed. In addition to family, practice and the ongoing development and teaching of Emergence Care and the Healing Blueprint, his interests include spirituality, psychology, healing, and finding time to explore the trails and roads less traveled in Northern Arizona.