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8. Here’s What People Are Saying About The Wellness Blueprint

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Wellness Blueprint The Wellness Blueprint can make an incredible difference in your life. Here’s one person’s story of the early stages of regaining her health after years of struggle: [I’ve lost] forty-two pounds in eight months. I had despaired not only of ever losing weight again—I couldn’t even stop gaining—though

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7. Here’s the first thing you do

Find What Works! I follow the same advice I give others: be willing to be wrong about everything and make no assumptions. Test things out for yourself. If something’s not working, be willing to experiment with it and let it go if it’s not proving helpful. Once you land on the right combination, stay with

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6. Here’s the Most Common Mistakes People Make

The Most Common Mistakes We Make   We tend to believe that the most common health mistakes we make are things like not taking enough vitamin C and needing to get more exercise, but that’s not going deep enough. Supplements and exercise are important, but the most common mistakes aren’t what you’d imagine. Let’s have

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