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Part III Putting All The Pieces In Place

Part III–Putting All The Pieces In Place If you’ve read this far, God bless you. If you’ve read this far and you’re excited about all this information, God bless you. And if you’ve read this far and are already experiencing carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms, God bless you, too. As a healthcare practitioner, it’s important to me

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Part II Another Big Piece Of The Health And Weight Loss Puzzle: Insulin Resistance

Part II I’m still putting together the puzzle pieces for you, and there’s another important piece to put in place before we get to how to deal with your weight issues: insulin resistance. Insulin resistance contributes to NAFLD and metabolic syndrome, and is inseparable from sluggish cellular metabolism. Understanding insulin resistance provides us with big

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Part I: Why You’re Not Losing Weight & How To Finally Do It

Part I: You Can Lose The Weight—Forever It’s a frustrating and common experience: once you put on even a little weight, it can be impossible to get rid of. You know the story: you spend years being careful about what you eat, but the reflection in the mirror stays the same no matter what you

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