Emergence Care and healing the mind

What is the mind and how is it healed?

Emergence Care is unlike anything else available today. It’s a dynamic healing art many have found unique in a lifetime of searching. Its elegantly simple message is that healing is the remembrance of what we truly are, and this remembrance is always already inside each of us, impatiently waiting to inform us of itself.

Emergence Care is the process of allowing what we truly are-Love-into our conscious awareness. What we all are is beyond our thoughts and personalities. As the seemingly endless movement of the mind stills even a little, we gradually experience the Love inside us that our thinking and doing and attempts at being blot from our awareness.

As our minds experience even a fraction of this Love, they begin to heal. As our minds heal, they naturally begin desiring the experience of this Love more and more. It’s at this point we have to make changes in our lives that this Love can continue to deepen in our awareness, that this Love can continue to heal our minds evermore deeply.

The reason these changes are required is simple: we have to give to receive. This giving isn’t something that comes from us, from our personalities, but something we allow to come through us. There’s a world of difference between giving from the personality and allowing what the personality blocks to stream through our minds. This Love is always everywhere, though our personal identities must momentarily suspend that this Love be allowed to enter our minds. This Love isn’t love in a romantic sense, or in the way that the world uses the term, but Spirit, Source, God…the Divinity within us all.

Healing involves giving, and we cannot give what we cannot open up to receive. In order to receive-to allow this Love into our mind’s awareness-we have to give it to others. We have to give it to others without any degree of egoic agenda; we give it simply to give it, because it’s a beautiful thing to do. As we learn to allow this Love to enter into and heal our personal minds, we learn that the way to enlightenment and suffering alike is through what we give to others. As we learn that there are no separate interests, that we truly are all one, we learn that anything and everything that we give to others is precisely what we give to ourselves, and in this there are no exceptions. This realization can, in and of itself, change the direction of our lives and intensify our focus into a burning desire to have this incarnation be a song of prayer, a beautiful sonnet of sharing, communing and learning to stand in and freely give the most incredible Love this world will ever experience. 

Regardless of what we give, we give it to ourselves. Whether we give hatred or give love, we first must choose to develop this state in our minds-these states don’t happen without our consent-and any state of mind must affect us, because it’s emanating from us...it is us. As we learn to allow this Love/Source/Spirit to develop in our minds, we find that our minds heal, because Source/Love/Spirit is healing; this Love is the only thing that heals, and allowing it to develop happens as we learn to give it away, as we learn that the only way to receive it by first sharing, as there are no separate interests. 


In Emergence Care, this process of opening to the Love in our minds is described as presence. Presence is the process of realizing that we’re always already connected to Source and everyone else. Presence isn’t the process of connecting; we’re always already connected. Presence is the process of remembering that we are connected, and we remember this the instant we decide to allow this Love to enter our awareness with the purpose of giving it freely to others. This Love is always present; giving it away is what allows us to receive it ourselves.

It’s common for Emergence Care recipients to experience states of deep relaxation, both physically and psychologically. Many recipients find that their kundalini activates from receiving Emergence Care; to say that this in itself is life-changing is an understatement. People’s physical structure often changes dramatically as they receive and facilitate this work. This includes postural changes, the release of chronic muscle facilitation patterns, and even mild to moderately degenerated vertebrae and discs spontaneously regenerate with Emergence Care. Presence is powerful. 

Remarkable changes such as these occur regularly with Emergence Care. Many people describe that this work opens them up to the depths within unlike anything else they’ve done before. The point isn’t that Emergence Care is better than other methods. Everything has a place in this world and plays an important, necessary role. Emergence Care isn’t better than anything else, but it is very different, and many people describe that receiving and facilitating this work changes their lives more than anything else they’ve done, even when they’ve explored and experienced a great deal of what’s available today. If you’re looking for a way to connect deeply to the Love within yourself and others, Emergence Care may be just what you’ve been seeking. 

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  1. Judi Whitewater Reply

    I only just read this …. it’s beautiful ! the Love, the giving, and Presence … it is such a real statement of what Emergence is (to receive and to ‘give’) and my deepest, most significant experience … how strange that I forget !

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