Simple solutions to complex problems

Occam’s Razor


Occam's Razor

Until a big enough problem comes along, there’s no way to know you need a solution. Problems are usually years in the making, yet we’re surprised when they suddenly appear. One of the themes you may have noticed about the healing blueprint is that it was created to address a really big problem that quite suddenly surfaced in my life: my fiancée’s diagnosis with terminal cancer. 

As far as problems go, this was about as big as they come. When it introduced itself into our lives, things were going along really well. I had developed an energetic-based healing art known as Emergence Care, and Nicole was helping me teach it to people around the country. It’s deep stuff, it delves into non dual spirituality, and it changes people’s lives pretty consistently, pretty profoundly. It’s not the type of thing that the masses are drawn to, but it’s really cool stuff and can blow the minds of those who’re into that kind of thing.

Teaching and providing Emergence Care is a dream come true. It’s what I felt like I was supposed to be doing, very much a life calling. So it’s not as if I had any interest or desire to suddenly take my focus off of it and make a u-turn. Which is what the healing blueprint is: it’s a 180º into a completely different direction from what I’d been doing for 20 years. Emergence Care is all about spirituality, energy, kundalini and that sort of stuff. The healing blueprint is more about tangible, physically-based, “real” things like insulin, blood sugar, cortisol and how well your mitochondria are functioning. Emergence Care and the blueprint are very different, yet there’s some really cool overlap as well. 

Stop And Pay Attention

Sometimes life is desperate to get your attention, to get you to stop what you’re doing so it can guide you in another direction. When Nicole was diagnosed, the thousands of hours I spent slogging through piles of information in search for solutions naturally ended up as the blueprint. It was a happening that we watched begin to take on a life of its own, all by itself. Sometimes you need problems because you need the solutions they bring into your life and the lives of others.

The blueprint came about because I was pissed off. I was frustrated and confused, but at the same time something within knew that there had to be a solution. There had to be answers, and with enough digging and creativity, they could be found. I’d like to make it clear that I have no illusions of becoming an alternative oncologist and curing the world of its cancers. That’s not the focus of the blueprint. The blueprint is about addressing all the underlying contributing factors before they explode into cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and such. Once a person is diagnosed with an aggressive, terminal cancer, turning it around is a tough road to hoe. The best time to apply a solution is now, not when your health is spinning out of control.

The more and more I dug around for solutions, the more my frustration was gradually replaced by hope. And excitement. I mean honest to goodness excitement. The answers and solutions to so many of our health issues already exist. I’m completely serious—they really do exist. As the blueprint began falling into place, it was like a complex puzzle that suddenly took shape and revealed the main components that have to be addressed for us to turn our lives and health around.

It’s elegantly simple. It’s a bit complex. It’s a lot all at once, it’s sensible, and the bottom line is that is flat out works. It rocks! I’m very, very excited about the blueprint. I’m excited because so many people are desperate to change their lives, and regardless what they do, they end up frustrated, and they end up back where they started. The blueprint is different. Sure you’ve heard it all before. I have, too. But I mean it—the blueprint is a very different animal. Hell, it’s a beast. It’s physical, it’s psychological, it’s spiritual, it’s complete. And if you’re ready, it can change your life. Feel free to email Dr. Teagarden at

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