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I support and care for people. I listen. I do what a health care professional ought to do: I see people’s humanity and dignity. I see people as equals. I see them as fellow human beings, and I do everything I can to help. Helping another is helping myself—we’re all one, we’re all in this together.

I believe in constantly innovating, bringing fresh ideas into the world and putting valuable information in people’s hands. I believe in being part of the solution to our health issues. I believe it’s an honor to help others. I believe that people can be a lot healthier in countless ways. I believe that most people don’t have to develop industrial diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and arthritis.

Why do I do what I do?

It’s simple, really: I created the healing blueprint because people are needlessly sicker than ever before and dying from things that are largely preventable. I created it as a way to educate and guide people toward vastly healthier lives. I created it because I was suddenly figuring out the solutions to so many of our health problems, and people genuinely asked me to share them. The truth is that I didn’t really create it, and I had no interest in doing anything of the sort. It created itself and I get to take credit for it. It’s one of those We’re on a mission from God things. It just happened through me—I’m not kidding or exaggerating—that’s just the way it all worked out.   

When my fiancée was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I went berserk in search of solutions. I’m a geek and a nerd, I love doing research, and figuring out simple solutions to impossible problems is readymade Nirvana. Fits and starts gave way to insight and understanding, and the pieces of the blueprint began fitting together—thyroid, liver, gut, inflammation, adrenals, sleep, metabolic syndrome, hormones, diet, detoxification, etc. The blueprint drew itself up and I just observed what was hiding in the patterns of physiology and psychology. It was all there to recognize, and it’s making big differences in people’s lives.

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  1. Susan Ma Reply

    Hi Steven (and Nicole),
    I met you guys in Oct/Nov 2015 at Hope4Cancer. I was there with my sister Cindy. I went to my facebook (which I only do about once every 3 months) and saw Nicole’s posting from yesterday. It saddened me, but freed me as well in a strange way. Please let her know my thoughts are with you guys at this particular time. I remember you guys as having the “best energy” at Hope4. You two definately illuminate light, truth, intelligence, humanity, peace, and hope. I guess I am writing because I, too, am taking some kind of a turn in my health. Or I should say I need to take some kind of a different turn in my health quest. It has been 7 months since I started Hope4 protocols. My tumor has gotten bigger in my anal canal from 5 cm to 9 cm and is now protruding on the outside. I have had a swollen and protruding left groin lymph since January (continues to be the same size), and a more recently (last 3 weeks) another swollen protruding left groin adjacent to the other one. I have not been doing sono therapy on rear end cause its hard to reach (nor do I have the L.E. D. pads which I am considering purchasing). However, I do Sono on the groin lymphs. I also do hyperthermia, coffee enemas, NI lamp, Rigvir, and PNC suppositories. I feel now that I am on a hunt for a good ND doctor or some kind of alternative doctor that will do more further specific testing. I have struggled with the myriad of supplements one can take for cancer. It seems like I need to get tested to find out what specific supplements might work for my body in treating the cancer. I am considering chemosensitvity test, Navarro urine test, RGCC test, oncoblot, test, muscle testing tests, etc. I am sure you know of all the beneficial tests that may give me more clues as to what direction I should take for supplements and treatments. What tests might you recommend I have done or doctors might you recommend I see? I am thinking IPT as a course of action in my mind as well and I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing. I am going to Hope4Cancer tomorrow for 2 days for my 7 month checkup. Peace and Love to both you and Nicole and your families Susan Ma (Laundrie) Stage 3 B anal canal cancer (squamous cell)

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