What is Emergence Care Training All About?

Emergence Care Training: Powerful Stuff

Hi Everyone. It was asked of me to take the time to tell you what it is that Emergence Care training is about, and why it has such a powerful effect on those who take it. Emergence Care training is very different, and that’s by design. It’s not “higher” or “better” than other healing arts, but it is very, very different. To start with, the training doesn’t focus on teaching you how to do something, such as memorizing a routine that you perfect over time. Very little of the training focuses on teaching you what to do and how to do it.  It teaches you how to change yourself. It’s not about teaching you how to work with chakras and thereby change someone into what you’re taught that they should or could be like.  Sure, there’s sufficient focus on what to do, but just learning how to interact with chakras isn’t where it’s at. You can know everything there is to know about the energy body, you can develop the ability to see and feel it, and it won’t help very much in the long run.

There are many approaches out there that teach you precisely how and what to do, and then you attempt to perfect that technique. But a technique isn’t a person, isn’t alive, cannot consider someone’s humanity, doesn’t breathe and hope and despair and long and love. Ultimately, a technique is limited and limiting. It’s not to say that they aren’t needed, but the results which come from any particular technique are paradoxically limited by it.  You don’t necessarily learn how to connect with a person, with people, or with God, you learn to do a technique. It’s doing a procedure. You aren’t taught to see a person’s soul, to show them yours. And that’s okay, but that’s not Emergence Care.  Emergence Care is about first connecting with God/Spirit/Source and then connecting with another person’s soul. This work is about going as far as it’s possible to go within yourself and giving from this place. You receive what you give. EC isn’t about finding what’s wrong and fixing it. It’s about healing your mind by basking in the rays of God and then, and only then, interacting with a client.

After practicing as a chiropractor for many years, it became clear to me that what mattered most was my internal state; this matters so much more than learning to do something just right and repeating it over and over in the same way. I realized that when I got really present, what happened with clients was radically different–radically sweeter. So I began to force myself to get present. After a few years of doing this, I began to feel structures in clients’ energy bodies. They were “things” that could be felt, and I felt them in everyone. They went this way and that. And what I was feeling…I knew I couldn’t apply a technique to. Gradually I learned to allow presence–something greater, something beyond and far wiser than my personality–to lead and direct how I interacted with these structures, and Emergence Care was born.

I focused more and more on getting present and less and less on what I was doing and what the outcome of what I was doing turned out to be. I learned to trust that the outcome would be far and away deeper when I relied on presence rather than when I attempted to direct the process from the egoic level of my mind. I knew that if I could get deeply present, something would take place that just wouldn’t be possible otherwise. And so I learned and remembered to become present. And I’m still learning to go deeper and deeper into presence. And still, today, I get present and get present and get present. And I teach others how to get present and get present and get present. I don’t teach you to feel things and what to do with them when you feel them. I teach you how to get present, and when you’re present you’ll know what to do. If you’re not present, you’ll ask lots of questions and wonder what presence is and continue to ask lots of questions. When you’re present, there are no questions and no answers. Presence meets all your needs.

Emergence Care training is one of the most powerful, life-changing and in-depth programs available anywhere. This training, which draws from Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, psychology and science, is designed to help you remember how to open the doorway within yourself, how to unlock it and remember that the ability to facilitate unprecedented healing within yourself and others is always already inside you. Nothing outside you will ever possess the capacity to heal you. Healing happens when we learn to allow presence into our mind’s awareness. If you want to understand what healing truly is and assist others in profoundly expanding their lives, please check out Emergence Care training. 

4 comments on “What is Emergence Care Training All About?”

  1. Jay Uecker, D.C. Reply

    Sorry I missed your training this past weekend.

    Thank you for articulating this so brilliantly. This is exactly the place I’ve come to in my work. I didn’t think it was possible to put it into words but clearly it is. Great work Steven!

  2. Marilyn P Reply

    Perfectly put, Steven! I can just feel the presence everywhere. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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