Who I Am

What dreams may come

My dream was to get a doctorate in philosophy, teach classes at a backwater college and live a life of quiet contemplation. Life apparently had other ideas in store, because things didn’t work out the way I imagined. Maybe it’s grace when your dreams don’t come to be. Maybe they’re still your dreams, just not the ones you were destined to live out.

Many years ago, over the course of a few weeks, I watched the decision all but make itself that I was instead going to chiropractic college, much to the chagrin of my philosophical plans. It was like an arranged marriage that happens to work out better than what you thought you wanted. Sometimes having your back lock up is what it takes to pay attention to your heart and not just the dreams in your head.

Odd as it may sound, my low back pain was a blessing. It guided my life in a different direction. Serious car and motorcycle accidents, combined with a very stressful job, were catching up with me at a young age. Something had to change, and being brought to my knees in pain was the something I needed to open up to different possibilities in life. The voice inside had been trying to get my attention for a long time, and I was suddenly all ears.

The years became a blur, and the love-hate relationship of professional school finally gave way to private practice. As much as I learned in school, I continued to feel that something essential was missing. Still searching, I gravitated to low force, non-structural approaches, which were very helpful to many people. I ran busy offices in both Prescott and Sedona, AZ, though continued to have the gnawing knowing that something more was possible.

The years passed, and I gained a much broader perspective for life and healing. I stopped following methods, followed my intuition instead and developed Emergence Care, a very powerful energetic healing art that opens people up to unanticipated possibilities in their lives. That something possible I’d been striving after for many years was coming to fruition, much like a dream come true.

A blueprint from out of the blue
Life was satisfying. I was teaching Emergence Care in various parts of the country with my fiancé, Nicole. It was an exciting time, there was a lot happening, and life had a sense of meaning and purpose. It was during this time that, completely out of the blue, Nicole was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. In the course of a day, our lives were changed forever.

What do you do when someone you love is given a terminal diagnosis? The cancer had already spread through her body, and her prognosis was bleak. There were a thousand things to do and thousand more to consider. Everything was happening at once, and for as fast as things were happening, time was standing still.

Surgeons and oncologists were forthright, stating that their treatments might buy her time, but would decimate her quality of life and immune system. Conventional treatments would have temporarily solved one problem, but would have only created more serious ones in the process. After taking it all in, she elected to forego conventional treatments and see what else was available.

I resolved to figure out something, anything that would help. I read hundreds of research studies. I read journals, books, websites, watched hours of videos, talked with umpteen practitioners and kept a very open mind. I knew answers existed, and sifted through a lot of poppycock to find them. And what I found blew my mind: there’s been an explosion of scientific research published in the last 20 odd years. There’s more of it than anyone could ever go through, and it’s loaded with highly relevant information about every healthcare topic imaginable.

I sifted through volumes of information, and answers began pouring in. They poured in from the scientific research. They flowed in from obscure and conventional sources, and from modern and ancient wisdom traditions as well. Much to my surprise, the answers—old and new—fit together astonishingly well, like pieces of a puzzle. The more digging I did, the more the puzzle pieces formed an image—a blueprint—to addressing the underlying causes of things like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hypothyroidism, adrenal and sleep issues, autoimmune conditions and so forth.

Creating a completely different kind of blueprint
As Nicole began incorporating the puzzle pieces into her life—what I call the Blueprint—people noticed that she looked better than ever. She was brighter, more vital. I too tried out the things I was learning, and was shocked by the changes that began taking place. I’d been in practice for 20 years, had been teaching classes around the country to some pretty tuned-in folks, and thought I’d seen it all, or close to it, anyway. But what I was tapping into and piecing together as the Blueprint wasn’t the run-of-the-mill schtick I’d been rolling my eyes at for 20 years. It was different, and it was working.

People began asking—politely demanding is more like it—to know what we were up to. They sensed that I could help with their thyroid, weight gain, digestion, diet, adrenals, and so forth, and they were right. At that point, I hadn’t considered developing the Blueprint and working with people professionally. I was figuring out how to help Nicole navigate her way back to health, and was itching to navigate back to teaching Emergence Care.

But as more and more people insisted that I work with them in this new way, I was finding it hard to turn them away. I was figuring out so much about so much, and I knew that people really needed what I was coming up with. The Blueprint was quickly developing into a complete system, and was applicable to darn near everything people are dealing with in their lives and health. Just as I watched the decision to go to chiropractic college make itself 25 years prior, I was watching the decision to develop and offer the Blueprint make itself. It was deja vu all over again, and in more ways than one.