You Have To Deal With Everything At Once

…Or Nothing Will Change

You have to change

Life is a series of interconnected systems. The optimal function of one system is dependent on the optimal function of innumerable other systems; as a result, trying to optimize the function of one system without addressing all the underlying, interconnected systems won’t work. Unfortunately, this is the approach taken by almost all conventional and alternative practitioners: they’re trained to focus on the system(s) that are breaking down without addressing all the other related health issues at the same time.

It’s like installing a great sound system in a house with a crumbling foundation. The sweet sounds will only drown out the house’s creaking and groaning as the wind slowly, inevitably leads to problems that are too big to easily repair. If your floor is sagging, if your doors don’t open the way they used to, if you’ve got cracks in your walls and a leaky basement, you’re beyond the point where some supplements and and a vacation will right your ship. You’re in need of a complete remodel, not just some landscaping.

An Interconnected System

Take the thyroid, for example. Thyroid physiology is otherworldly complicated stuff. In order to get the optimum amount of biologically active thyroid hormone into all the cells of the body, many systems have to be functioning at near-optimal levels. And more often then not, most of the underlying systems aren’t functioning anywhere near optimal levels. And if all the interconnected systems aren’t addressed and brought into a state of optimal function, the standard treatment protocol, which consists of prescribing either a synthetic or natural desiccated thyroid product, will either not work, will marginally help, and regardless will only mask the symptoms without addressing the real issues. In other words, you’ll have great tunes playing while your house continues to fall into decay.

The Status Quo

This approach to healthcare is what I call the status quo. The status quo attempts to eliminate problems like high LDL cholesterol by prescribing drugs such as Lipitor. By the time your LDL is elevated, you’ve already developed many other health issues, and imaging that all is well because your lipid profile comes closer to “normal” range without addressing any of your underlying health issues is only lighting a bomb that has no choice but to eventually explode in the form of compounded health issues that won’t be easily dealt with.

You have to deal with everything at once; it’s necessary to address every health issue you have, or the weakest link between the ones you’re strengthening will continue to break your chain. Healthcare today is very complicated stuff. If you’re dealing with issues that you can’t get to the bottom of, I’m happy to talk with you about them. Send me an email at and we’ll discuss how we can help you strengthen every link in your chain of being. 

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